Affiliate Disclaimer


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials to protect you from misleading advertising that’s been paid for by a company. Because Tradethischart is an income source and does occasionally include endorsements and testimonials, it’s important to disclose the following:

We only endorse and promote products we trust and use for ourselves.

  • This site is a source of income and may be used to promote products, services, or other businesses.
  • We only share and promote products/services/businesses that we believe could be beneficial to you.
  • Affiliate links are used in some posts where we make a small percentage of each sale. This is one way we make money from blogging. It does not result in additional charges or cost you anything extra.
  • Mentions of related products/services/businesses within the content of my blog may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference.
  • Products provided to us for review are given free of charge. However, this doesn’t guarantee a positive review – We always review honestly and openly. We do not endorse or post about products we don’t believe in.
  • Our goal is to share our expertise and provide helpful content

We earn a living in the following ways:

1. Ads
The ads you see on are Google Adsense ads. These appear in the sidebar, header and footer and in posts . These are images that clearly look like advertisements. 

2. Affiliate links
Most of the posts are informational. When applicable we show products we recommend by linking to those items on affiliate sites. These links are a helpful way to show which products are helpful and will add value to you in your endeavors.  We make a small percentage of a sale that the retailer pays, never a reader.