E*Trade Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

The Internet and technology have brought out a new generation of investors these days. The stock market has been a place that traditional investors for more than 100 years put their money. Now, thanks to technology, it is easier than ever for beginners and casual investors to get in on the action.

Whether you want to invest from the comfort of your living room or from the palm of your hand using your mobile phone. Thanks to investment brokers like E*Trade, you can download their software platform to your home computer or directly to your mobile phone.

E*Trade is currently one of the more popular online stock brokerage companies on the Internet. They are able to offer investors at all levels who are looking for a way to be successful at stock investing.

5 things that You Should Know about E*Trade Before Becoming a Member

  1. Oldest Online Trading Brokerage Firm – E*Trade was the first online brokerage firm online and now that they have joined forces with and became a part of the financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley, you cannot det much better than that. Having many years of experience in the stock market gives E*Trade a distinct advantage when it comes to offering its members access to its many services.
  2. Zero Commission Trading – E*Trade recently dropped its long-standing policy of charging commision on trades. They now offer all of its account holders commission-free trades like many of its competitors. You will have choices of stocks, options, and mutual funds without having to pay commissions to E*Trade. There are also thousands of mutual funds that also can be traded without commissions.
  3. Multiple Trading Platforms – E*Trade offers all of its members multiple trading platforms via desktop,  a powerful web portal, and mobile apps. Using the basic E*Trade mobile app or the E*Trade Power App on your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone to make your stock trades. E*Trade also has a powerful desktop trading software program that puts your account dashboard at your fingertips.
  4. No Account Minimum to Get Started – Along with zero commissions, E*Trade also offers all of its members zero minimum balance to get started. This makes it much easier for beginners or casual investors to get started with a smaller upfront investment.
  5. Free Research and Data Analysis – E*Trade gives all of its members access to valuable financial research and data analysis. By using any of the powerful trading platforms you will have full access to all of the research E*Trade has to offer. Using the dashboard that on your computer desktop application, E*Trade mobile app, or web portal.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using E*Trade when investing

  • E*Trade offers investing opportunities for all levels of investors from beginners to advanced
  • Has powerful desktop, web portal, and mobile trading platforms
  • Useful research from a number ways from webinars and analytics
  • Many different forms of securities available for trading

Cons of using E*Trade when investing

  • Trading system is not as easy to navigate
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