The Ultimate Guide To FTMO: A Leading Proprietary Trading Firm And Funding Challenge

Entering the world of proprietary trading can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding a reliable firm that offers substantial funding. One company known for their credibility since 2015 is FTMO, a leading Czech-based firm specializing in funding skilled traders.

In this article, we will guide you through the intricacies of FTMO – from its evaluation process and benefits, to trading education and support available for aspiring forex traders.

Continue reading to explore the ultimate roadmap to achieving your trading goals with FTMO!

Key Takeaways

  • FTMO is a leading proprietary trading firm and funding challenge based in the Czech Republic, offering simulated trading and educational resources for traders of all levels.
  • The evaluation process at FTMO consists of two stages: the FTMO Challenge, where traders aim to meet profit targets in simulated trading, and the Verification stage, where successful participants trade with real capital provided by FTMO.
  • Joining FTMO comes with benefits such as access to an experienced team of traders who provide guidance and coaching, a free trial period to experience their services, and a transparent payout system based on profit sharing.

What is FTMO?

FTMO is a leading proprietary trading firm and funding challenge that provides aspiring traders with the opportunity to showcase their skills in simulated trading and potentially earn a funded trading account.

Overview of the company

Based in the Czech Republic, FTMO sets itself apart as a leading proprietary trading firm. Established in 2015, the firm focuses on providing simulated trading and educational resources for traders of all levels.

Serious traders are often drawn to FTMO for its funding challenge where they can trade with up to $200,000 on an account and have opportunities to scale up. The company’s commitment to fostering talented traders has earned it a sterling reputation within the financial industry.

History and background

FTMO has established itself as a leading proprietary trading firm since its inception in 2015. This Czech-based company stands out from the crowd by offering an intriguing funding challenge to serious traders.

Specializing in simulated trading and educational tools, FTMO caters mainly to professional traders at hedge funds or similar firms. Skilled traders who wish to earn funding handle a two-step evaluation process where profitability is king.

Through the FTMO Challenge, which mimics real-life financial market rules used by investment companies, these individuals can secure much-needed capital for their trading ventures.

Mission and values

FTMO, a proprietary trading firm, is driven by core values that set them apart in the Forex industry. The company’s mission resides in its commitment to support talented traders on their journey towards becoming consistently profitable.

With an emphasis on integrity and respect, FTMO prioritizes the development of trust between itself and its traders to create lasting partnerships. These principles guide every action FTMO takes – from nurturing financial expertise to creating competitive account conditions for novice and professional traders alike.

Their dedication lies extensively in turning skilled individuals into elite professionals who will conquer the challenges of forex trading with finesse.

How FTMO Works

FTMO works through an evaluation process where traders set trading objectives, follow a swing account and scaling plan, and ultimately aim to meet the capital thresholds for a funded account challenge.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process at FTMO is a crucial step for traders who want to earn funding. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Traders start by participating in the FTMO Challenge, a simulated trading period where they need to meet certain profit targets.
  • Step 2: Once the trader successfully completes the challenge, they move on to the Verification stage. This involves trading with real capital provided by FTMO and meeting specific profit targets again.
  • Profit split: If the trader meets all the requirements during both stages, they can become a funded trader and receive a share of the profits generated.

Trading objectives

FTMO sets clear trading objectives for aspiring traders who want to participate in their funding challenge. These objectives are designed to help traders showcase their skills and profitability in order to receive funding from FTMO.

The company focuses on professional traders who are looking to trade with larger capital thresholds and under competitive account conditions. By setting these trading objectives, FTMO ensures that only serious and skilled traders can join their program and have the opportunity to earn funding for their trading activities.

Traders need to meet these objectives through the evaluation process, which includes demonstrating consistent profitability and following the rules of simulated trading.

Swing account and scaling plan

The swing account and scaling plan are key components of FTMO’s trading program. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Swing Account: FTMO offers traders a swing account, which allows them to hold positions overnight. This provides the flexibility to take advantage of longer-term market trends and potentially increase profits.
  • Scaling Plan: As traders progress in their journey with FTMO, they have the opportunity to scale up their trading capital. The scaling plan allows traders to gradually increase their account size based on their performance and profitability.
  • Profit Targets: To advance through the scaling plan, traders must meet specific profit targets set by FTMO. These targets are designed to ensure consistent profitability and responsible risk management.
  • Capital Thresholds: Each stage of the scaling plan has different capital thresholds that traders must reach. As they successfully achieve these thresholds, they can unlock higher funding levels and access more capital for trading.
  • Competitive Conditions: Traders who meet the profit targets and reach higher funding levels will also benefit from competitive trading conditions. This includes lower commissions, better spreads, and other advantages that can enhance their trading experience.

Benefits of Joining FTMO

Joining FTMO comes with a range of benefits such as access to an experienced team of traders, a free trial period, and a transparent payout system. Discover these benefits and more by reading further!

Experienced team of traders

FTMO boasts an experienced team of traders who are dedicated to helping aspiring traders succeed in the funding challenge. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in forex trading, these professionals provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure that traders meet the required objectives and maximize their profitability.

The team at FTMO understands the challenges faced by novice traders and is committed to providing top-notch support throughout the evaluation process. Whether it’s analyzing market trends or offering performance coaching, this experienced team is always ready to assist traders on their journey towards becoming successful funded account holders.

Free trial

FTMO offers a free trial for aspiring traders who are curious about their services. This trial allows traders to experience simulated trading and explore the educational tools provided by FTMO.

During the free trial, traders can get a taste of what it’s like to trade with up to $200,000 on an FTMO account. It’s a great opportunity for novice traders to practice their skills and see if FTMO is the right fit for them before committing to the funding challenge.

Don’t miss out on this chance to test your trading abilities without any financial risk! Join the free trial today and take your first step towards becoming a professional trader with FTMO.

Payout system

FTMO offers a competitive payout system that rewards traders for their successful performance. Once traders pass the evaluation process and meet the profit targets, they become eligible for funding from FTMO.

The payout is based on a profit split model, where traders receive a portion of the profits they generate. This means that as traders continue to trade and achieve profitable results, they can earn significant income from their trading activities.

The payout system at FTMO provides a fair and transparent way for talented traders to be rewarded for their skills and efforts in the financial markets.

Trading Education and Support

FTMO provides extensive trading education and support to help traders develop their skills and improve their performance in the markets.

Importance of trading psychology

Having a strong trading psychology is crucial for success in the financial markets. The way traders think and handle their emotions greatly impacts their decision-making process. It is important to have discipline, patience, and the ability to control emotions like fear and greed.

Traders with a strong trading psychology are more likely to stick to their strategies, manage risk effectively, and make rational decisions based on market analysis rather than succumbing to impulsive actions.

Developing psychological resilience through self-awareness and continuous learning can help traders navigate the ups and downs of the market with confidence.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching is a crucial aspect of the trading education and support provided by FTMO. Traders who join FTMO are assigned experienced coaches who can help them improve their performance in the market.

These coaches have extensive knowledge and expertise in trading and can provide valuable insights and guidance to traders. Through one-on-one sessions, they help traders identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop effective trading strategies, manage risk, handle emotions, and make informed decisions.

Performance coaching plays an essential role in helping traders overcome challenges, refine their skills, and achieve consistent profitability in the financial markets. The personalized support offered through performance coaching sets FTMO apart from other proprietary trading firms as it ensures that traders receive individual attention tailored to their specific needs.

Community support

FTMO recognizes the importance of community support for traders. Once you become a member, you’ll gain access to an active and supportive trading community. This community is made up of experienced traders who are always ready to share their knowledge and insights.

Whether you have questions about trading strategies or need advice on overcoming challenges, the community is there to help. With this strong network of like-minded individuals, you can feel confident knowing that you’re not alone in your journey towards success in the financial markets.

Customer service

The customer service at FTMO is top-notch. Traders can expect prompt and helpful assistance whenever they need it. The team is experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring that all inquiries are addressed efficiently.

Whether traders have questions about the evaluation process or need technical support, the customer service team is always ready to provide guidance. With their commitment to exceptional service, FTMO ensures that traders feel supported throughout their journey with the company.

Performance Coaching

Discover how the experienced coaches at FTMO can help take your trading to the next level and maximize your potential for success. Read on to learn more about their expertise and the benefits of performance coaching.

Meet the coaches

FTMO provides traders with access to a team of experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping traders succeed. These coaches have years of trading experience and understand the challenges that traders face.

They offer personalized support and guidance, helping traders develop their skills and improve their performance. Whether it’s addressing specific trading strategies or working on mindset and psychology, the coaches at FTMO are there to provide valuable insights and help traders achieve their goals.

With their expertise and knowledge, these coaches play a crucial role in shaping the success of traders in the FTMO funding challenge.

In addition to providing individualized coaching, FTMO also fosters a strong community where traders can connect with each other for support and advice. The community aspect allows for collaboration and shared learning experiences among like-minded individuals who are all striving for success in the financial markets.

How coaching can benefit traders

Performance coaching is an essential aspect of trading success, and FTMO understands this. With a team of experienced coaches, they provide personalized guidance and support to traders looking to improve their skills.

These coaches have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and can help traders develop effective trading strategies. Through one-on-one sessions, they address specific challenges, offer feedback on trades, and help traders refine their approach.

By working with a coach, traders can gain valuable insights, enhance their decision-making abilities, and build confidence in their trading abilities.

Coaching goes beyond just technical skills; it also focuses on the psychological aspects of trading. FTMO recognizes the importance of trading psychology and helps traders overcome common emotional pitfalls such as fear or greed that can impact performance.

Scaling Plan Overview

7. Scaling Plan Overview:.

FTMO’s scaling plan is a key feature of their funding challenge. Once traders successfully complete the evaluation process and meet the profitability goals, they have the opportunity to scale up their trading capital.

Traders can start with an initial account size of up to $200,000 and increase it based on performance.

The scaling plan is designed to reward consistent and profitable traders by allowing them to access more capital for trading activities. This means that as traders demonstrate success over time, they can potentially grow their trading account exponentially.

With FTMO’s scaling plan, traders have the potential to take their trading career to new heights by accessing significant funds for larger trades and higher profits. It provides an excellent opportunity for skilled traders looking to advance in their careers and earn substantial returns on investment.

By offering this scaling plan, FTMO ensures that successful traders are given the resources they need to continue excelling in the financial markets while also benefiting from attractive profit splits offered by the company.

FTMO Review – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, FTMO is a reputable and trusted proprietary trading firm and funding challenge. With their simulated trading and educational tools, they cater to professional traders at proprietary trading firms or hedge funds.

If you’re an aspiring trader looking for an opportunity to trade with significant capital and scale up your profits, participating in the FTMO Challenge could be the right path for you.

Don’t miss out on this chance to prove your skills and potentially earn funding for your trading activities with FTMO.


In conclusion, FTMO is a leading proprietary trading firm and funding challenge that offers aspiring traders the opportunity to start trading with up to $200,000 on an FTMO account.

With its focus on professional traders, simulated trading, and educational tools, FTMO provides the resources needed for traders to succeed in the competitive world of financial trading.

By participating in the FTMO Challenge and meeting their profitability requirements, traders can earn funding for their trading activities and take their skills to the next level. Join FTMO today and embark on your journey towards becoming a successful trader.


1. What is FTMO and what do they do?

FTMO is a leading proprietary trading firm that provides funding to traders who pass their evaluation process, enabling them to trade with the company’s capital.

2. How can I participate in the FTMO funding challenge?

To participate in the FTMO funding challenge, you need to apply on their website and complete their evaluation process, which includes demonstrating your trading skills and following their rules and risk management guidelines.

3. Is there a fee or cost involved in the FTMO funding challenge?

Yes, there is a fee for participating in the FTMO funding challenge. The fee covers access to their evaluation platform and resources, as well as potential funding if you successfully meet their requirements.

4. How much capital can I receive from FTMO if I pass the evaluation?

The amount of capital you receive from FTMO depends on your chosen account size (ranging from $10,000 to $300,000) and your performance during the evaluation phase. Successful traders can trade with higher amounts of capital.

5. Can I withdraw profits made through trading with FTMO’s capital?

Yes, once you have successfully completed the evaluation phase and meet all required criteria set by FTMO, you are eligible to withdraw profits made through trading with their capital according to their profit sharing rules.

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