Interactive Brokers Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

Interactive Brokers Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

The stock market is one of the most popular ways that you can invest your money. With more than one stock market across the globe, there are opportunities for you no matter what level of investor you are. Thanks to today’s powerful technology there are many different ways that you can get involved/

One way is by using an online stock brokerage company like Interactive Brokers. They offer its members who set up and fund the account access to thousands of stocks, mutual funds, and research. For this article, we put together some valuable information about them.

5 Things to Know about Interactive Brokers

  1. Three Powerful Trading Platforms – Interactive Brokers developed three powerful trading platforms for you to choose from, a downloadable desktop program, a downloadable mobile app (Android and iPhone), and a website portal. Each of them gives you access to a powerful dashboard that puts all of your account information at your fingertips. It also gives you full access to tons of research on trades.
  2. Level One Trading with IBKR Lite – If you are a beginner trader and looking to work your way into stock trading, Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite platform is perfect for you. It is designed specifically for the casual investor that is not actively participating. IBKR Lite gives you access to thousands of commission-free trades of stocks and mutual funds on US stock exchanges.
  3. Level Two Trading with IBKR Pro – For the more savvy, power investor, IBKR Pro gives you full access to all of the more than 130 stock markets across the globe. You have full access to all three different trading platforms including; the mobile app, desktop workstation program, and the online web-based portal.
  4. Powerful Mobile Trading – The powerful downloadable mobile trading platform is designed for the trader who wants to be able to check and manage their portfolio whenever they want. This Android and iPhone app is just ab feature-packed as the desktop workstation platform. It gives you access to your dashboard that displays the status of your portfolio and account in real-time. You can access all of the powerful research and other tools.
  5. Proprietary Algorithm – Interactive Broker also developed its powerful algorithm. Using these algorithms, they establish useful trading trends that its members all have access to. This information can be very useful when it comes to trades.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using Interactive Broker

  • 2-tier investing level
  • Access to 135 foreign stock markets
  • Multiple trading platforms available to all members

Cons of using Interactive Broker

  • The website is not very easy to navigate

Final Thoughts

Interactive Brokers is another online stock brokerage company that uses today’s powerful technology to help beginners and advanced investors. They offer three different trading platforms to help its members to manage their account portfolio. Whether you prefer mobile trading, online, or directly from your computer, Interactive Brokers has you covered.

They offer multiple commission trading options, including totally commission-free US stock trading options. They developed a powerful algorithm that helps to spot trading trends to help you get the most out of your portfolio. If you are looking to get involved with stock trading, you should check out what Interactive Broker has to offer you.

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