Fidelity Investments Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

As the economic picture continues to look shaky, more and more people are looking for ways to stabilize their finances. One of the more popular ways today is the stock market. However, it has long been viewed as the “Big Boy Club” since it is dominated by the very wealthy of the world.

Things have changed, thanks in large part to technology advancements, there has been a bit of a shift and more and more of a new generation of investors are starting to emerge. Younger people are getting involved in the stock market and fortunately, there are investment companies that are available to help anyone looking to get involved.

One of those is Fidelity Investments, one of the top-tier investment firms for more than 70-years. They offer several powerful trading options to all levels of investors, from beginners to advanced traders.

Top 5 Things to Know about Fidelity Investments

  1. Active Trader Pro® Trading Tool – Fidelity developed a powerful trading tool that gives its members access to the fully customizable dashboard. The software is available for download for both Windows OS (PC users) and Mac OS (Mac users). The dashboard puts all of the most important information about your account at your fingertips.
  2. Fidelity Learning Center – The Fidelity Learning Center is a full-service trading resource available to only Fidelity Investment members. The center includes tons of articles, classes, and webinars that cover a wide range of topics. You will also find investment coaches that are available to answer all of your questions and make recommendations for you.
  3. Trading Strategy Desk® – The Trading Strategy Desk® is another powerful trading resource that is exclusive to Fidelity Investment members. It is manned by experienced trading coaches that are available to help you navigate the many services, trading platforms, and other features that Fidelity has to offer. There are numerous session topics and session times to choose from.
  4. Works in conjunction with your voice assistant – As technology continues to advance, Fidelity Investments can add new features to its offerings. One of those is Voice Assistants and it is exclusive to Fidelities Investments. Voice Assistant works hand in hand with the most popular voice assistants like Google’s Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa™. It allows you to simply ask trading questions and the answers appear inside your dashboard.
  5. Mobile Trading App – Fidelity created a powerful mobile platform for its trading members to take their trading account with them. The powerful app is available to Apple iPhone and Google’s Android-enabled mobile devices. Makes it possible to make trades, check account status, look at research options at your fingertips no matter where you are at.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Using Fidelity Investments

  • Offers mutual fund opportunities
  • Access to high-level research for all investors
  • Highly customizable platform, with zero commission trades

Cons of Using Fidelity Investments

  • Doesn’t offer Forex or Futures trading
  • Very high fees for broker-assisted trading

Final Thoughts

With its 75 years in the investment industry, Fidelity Investments has the experience to help beginner investors get involved with stock trading. They offer powerful trading platforms that include desktop and mobile trading platforms. If you are looking into getting started with stock trading, Fidelity Investments would be an option worth checking out.

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