Freetrade Invest Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

Online investing is a relatively new industry and it came about as an investment vehicle for a new generation of investors. These new investors were looking for a way to get involved in the stock market and other forms of investments that the wealthy have been using for many years to grow their wealth.

By taking advantage of the latest technology and the Internet, investment brokers like Freetrade Invest offer its members access to a wide range of investment products such as stocks, funds, and many other products, We put together some valuable information about Freetrade Invest and what they offer.

5 things that You Should Know about Freetrade Invest Before Becoming a Member

  1. Freetrade is a UK-based brokerage firm – Freetrade Invest is a startup brokerage firm located in the UK. It was started to offer online trading to the people in the UK. Making it easier for beginners and casual investors to access investment products from markets throughout the UK and the two primary markets in the US. They have also begun offering other places in Europe access to their services, adding Ireland and the Netherlands recently.
  2. Freetrade Invest is a mobile-only brokerage firm – Freetrade Invest only offers a mobile trading platform for all of its members. The Freetrade App is a powerful trading platform that gives all its members full access to multiple global stock markets. These include the two largest US-based markets, NASDAQ and NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). It puts all of your account information in the palm of your hand and that will make it easier to keep track of your trades.
  3. Offers four different account levels – Since not all investors are the same and have different needs, Freereade developed four different account levels. Each level is designed to offer members premium services that will fill their needs. Whether you choose a free account, Freetrade ISA, Freetrade Plus, or Freetrade SIPP, you can be assured that all of your needs are addressed. Beyond the free account, the three additional account levels will have a monthly charge of £3, £9.99, and £9.99.
  4. No commissions or fees – Freetrade Invest does not charge its members for buying or selling shares through the mobile app. You also do not need to worry about having to pay fees when you are depositing or withdrawing money from your account. However, there is a fee accessed when trading US stocks, known as an FX.
  5. Does not offer any financial advice – Freetrade Invest states that it does not offer its members any type of financial guidance or advice on financial decisions. If you are looking for help with that you are encouraged to seek advice outside of your account.

Pros and Cons

Pros of investing with Freetrade Invest

  • No commissions on most trades, buying or selling
  • Fractional trading is allowed with Freetrade Invest
  • Five different types of accounts available for new members

Cons of investing with Freetrade Invest

  • Cannot use credit cards, bank debit cards, or electronic wallets
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Saxo Bank Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

Stocks, securities, mutual funds, and other investments products have been used by wealthy investors for more than 100 years. Today, thanks to modern technology, these global markets, mutual funds, and securities are open to a whole new generation of investors.

The Internet and advanced smartphone technologies make it easier for beginners and casual investors to get started with investing like the big boys. Thanks to online brokerage firms like Saxo Bank, investors can get started with a relatively small amount of money and turn it into a nice pile of cash.

For this article, we came up with some very important information about Saxo Bank that we think you should know before you lay down your hard-earned money. We hope that we gave enough information to make an informed decision.

5 Things that You Should Know About Saxo Bank Before Becoming a Member

  1. Saxo Bank is an investment that specializes in online trading – In 1992, Saxo Bank was founded as a Danish brokerage company, it later became a full-fledged banking institution in 2001. The new company offers its members and customers both banking and investing services. Its headquarters are located in Copenhagen and it also has several subsidiary banks under its umbrella that allows it to be a global provider of investment services.
  2. Accounts are available most everywhere – Saxo Bank has made it easy for new members to get started. Everything is digital and only takes a few minutes to get started. Unfortunately, not all countries are allowed to become a member. They do not allow people residing in the US to open an account. Since they require several forms of verification, you will not be able to sign up if you have a tax id and legal address inside the US.
  3. Saxo Bank offers three powerful trading platforms – To better serve the needs of all of its account holders, Saxo Bank has several powerful trading platforms including, a desktop, mobile app, and web-based portal. Each one gives you a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard. This puts all of your account data at your fingertips, no matter where you are, and have Internet access. Saxo Bank developed its proprietary Saxo TraderGo (web-based portal) and Saxo TraderPor is its desktop trading application.
  4. Saxo Bank gives its members access to a wide range of trading products – Unlike many of the other European-based online brokerage firms that limit what types of investment products they offer. Saxo Bank offers its members full access to most, if not all of the most popular forms of investing. You can choose from any of the following; stocks, ETFs, Forex, funds, bonds, options, futures, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.
  5. Saxo Bank Rewards Program – Saxo Bank created a proprietary rewards program for its, high-end members. They offer points for certain types and amounts of trades that are made. Depending on how many points you accumulate you can qualify for account upgrades.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using Saxo Bank for investing

  • Setting up an account is very easy, as it is done digitally
  • Developed its powerful research tools
  • The mobile trading app is available for both Apple iOS devices and Android-enabled devices

Cons of using Saxo Bank for investing

  • Does not offer commission-free trading
  • Not open to US residence
  • Does not accept electronic wallets for deposits or withdrawals
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eToro Review – 5 Things that You Should Know Before Joining

More and more people are looking for ways to improve their financial status. One of the most popular ways to do that is through investing. The stock market used to be for only the wealthy, however, times have changed. Beginners and casual investors are starting to discover that you don’t need to have a lot of money to get started.

Thanks to technology, beginners can get started and be successful thanks to online brokerage firms. These firms, like eToro, created a powerful trading platform that gives access via web portable and mobile devices. For this article, we put together a lot of information about eToro and we hope that you can use all of the information to make an informed decision.

5 Things that You Should Know About eToro Before Becoming a Member

  1. Offers powerful multiple trading platforms – Whether you choose to use your mobile phone or tablet you get access to your account and dashboard using eToro’s powerful trading app. You can also access eToro’s powerful web portal and access your account and dashboard. Unfortunately, there is no downloadable software that works on your desktop.
  2. Powerful and innovative trading products – eToro created two power trading systems called CopyTrader and Smart Portfolios. CopyTrader harnesses the popularity of social media technology that allows you to browse other traders’ profiles to see what kinds of trades they have been making. Smart Portfolios are bundles of specific types of stocks, funds, and other asset groups together around a common theme.
  3. Provides its members access to some of the top global stock exchanges – With a list of some of the top stock exchanges that include the US markets (NASDAQ and NYSE) and many European markets such as Paris, London, Madrid, and many, many others. The actual number of stock markets that eToro provides access for its members to is 17. However, the access doesn’t include all of the available stocks on all of the exchanges.
  4. Access to Cryptocurrencies – Not all online brokerage houses are created equal, many don’t even deal in Cryptocurrency. eToro gives its members the ability to own and trade cryptocurrencies coins. This includes 35+ different coins, crypto crosses, and non-USD currency crosses. Cryptocurrencies are more volatile and should be handled carefully. They also present a higher risk of loss than another asset trading.
  5. Access to important research and other financial data – All eToro members have access to tons of research, charts, and financial news. eToro developed powerful analytic tools that are designed to help all of its members be successful traders. All of the research is available on both mobile and web portals and can be found in multiple languages.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using eToro for investing

  • There are no fees charged for transactions relating to stock trades
  • Set up costs are low as compared to some other online brokers
  • Easy to set up a brokerage account

Cons of using eToro for investing

  • Non-trade related fees are substantial
  • Accounts are charged a fee for inactivity
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